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Shooting Proficiency/Qualification

After you complete your online training you will still need to do the at least 1 hour of range training/shooting proficiency as required by state law in order to complete requirements for your license to carry.  If you are anywhere near San Marcos, TX we would be glad to have you do it here at South Texas CHL and Handgun Training.  We offer the 1 hour range training and shooting proficiency here at our private range on an as needed basis one-on-one or in groups for a fee of $55.00 each.

If you aren’t anywhere near San Marcos click here to find an instructor.  Just go down the list and find a phone area code near you and phone them to find out if they offer the range training/shooting proficiency.  Some do, some don’t.  As we’ve said before if there is anything we can do for you to help you get your license or if you have any problems or questions please don’t neglect to phone us anytime.