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Online vs In Class

LTC online?  Why LTC online instead of taking the class in person?

The Positives:
1. You can take the LTC online course  at your leisure  and convenience in you own home.  You don’t have to take the class only when LTC training instructors offer it.
2. You can start it then stop it without loosing you place whenever you want.  Then you can re-start it and stop again anytime anyplace.
The Negatives:
1. You need a computer.
2. You don’t have the benefit of asking questions and listening to in-class discussions, however, with us you have the benefit of the best customer service.  You can phone us anytime with any questions about anything.  We are here for you.
3. It’s more difficult to complete all your LTC requirements in one day because you have to schedule your additional 1 hour of at the range training and shooting proficiency test after you complete your online course.