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How to Get My License

To get a CHL/LTC you must do 3 things which can be done in any order:

(1) You must apply with DPS online.  Click Here to go to the DPS Handgun Licensing Online Application and apply for your license.  Typically the fee with DPS is $40.00 but you may be eligible for several discounts like current Military or Veterans.

(2) you must get your fingerprints and background check done,  When you apply online with DPS they will give you a list of places where you can go and get your fingerprints and background check done with phone numbers to make an appointment.  The fee will be $10.00.

(3) You must attend a CHL/LTC class or do the online CHL/LTC class with the additional range training/shooting proficiency, and submit your certificate to DPS.  Besides meeting these licensing requirements, you must be legally eligible.  To find out if you’re legally eligible or for more information on the other licensing requirements, please click the FAQ tab for complete information.

You can send your certificate to DPS online if you know how to scan it and create a PDF file, if you don’t know how to do that just send it in the U.S. Postal mail to the following address:    Texas Department of Public Safety
Handgun Licensing Program, MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0245.

To send in your scanned PDF document Click Here.