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Take the online instruction course at your leisure and convenience online, as fast or as slow as you like.  Take it whenever you want with start, stop, and return later capability.  The course is 4 hours long and covers all the DPS required material.  It consists of 4 modules as follows:
Module 1:  Laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force
Module 2:  Proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child
Module 3:  Non-violent dispute resolution
Module 4:  Handgun use and safety, and use of restraint holsters

When you complete the course you are issued your DPS LTC-101, the official DPS LTC certificate of online training.  However, the shooting proficiency test is still required.  You can take that part of the training and shooting test with any DPS certified CHL/LTC instructor or if you’re in the San Marcos area or New Braunfels area we recommend Tammy Stein.  Her website is   www.1840inc.com

The shooting proficiency part of the online certification also requires  1 to 2 hours of handgun range training.

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