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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do active military service personnel or veterans still need to do the shooting proficiency test?
Answer: No, but the requirement for active duty, veterans, and Texas Military Forces to provide their military range qualification scores from the preceding 5 years has been changed to the preceding 10 years in place of the range instruction part of the handgun proficiency course. These applicants may provide the department with any passing military firearm range scores.

2. When did Texas start allowing online license to carry certification?
Answer: The 85th Texas Legislature officially approved online LTC classes for Texas LTC and CHL. when the last met in 2017.

3. Why should I go through Texas LTC Online with you instead of going directly to sign up with a different online provider?
Answer: Simple, because through us you’ll pay less for your online course, and maybe considerably less depending on which one you choose!  Our owner is actually a Texas DPS certified LTC instructor.  So you will have access to our customer support which will answer any question anytime (except when we’re sleeping!)  We think our customer support will beat anyone else’s and we give you the straight scoop, not just an answer from a teleprompter.

4. If I take the class online do I still need to do the shooting proficiency test?
Answer: Yes, see question No. 8 below.

5. What do I need to do to get my license to carry?
Answer: There are 3 things you must do. (1) you must apply with Texas Department of Public Safety either online or via paper application and U.S. Mail and ideally the best way is online.  (2) You must get your fingerprints and background check.  (3) You send in to Texas DPS your LTC-100 or LTC-101 certificate which you receive when you complete your LTC training course whether online or in an actual class.  If you do the course online you must also complete at least 1 hour of official Texas DPS approved range training and shooting proficiency.   Click here for Texas DPS online application process.

6. Where do I get my fingerprints and background check done, how much does it cost, and can I use my fingerprints I’ve already had done for my job?
Answer: When you apply online with Texas DPS you will be given a list of places near your address and phone numbers to make an appointment.  The fee is $10.00 and you cannot use the fingerprints you have already had done.

7. Are all online training courses the same?
Answer:  No, some are thorough and some will only provide the essentials to be approved by Texas DPS.  There is at least one which claims to be Texas approved but is actually an out of state non-resident training course which does not provide Texas statutes and does not discuss actual Texas requirements in terms of where, when, and how you can carry in Texas.  Additionally, there is one that is not even located in Texas but is actually located out-of-state and is not an actual Texas DPS certified LTC instructor.

8. Where can I take the Texas DPS certified range training and shooting proficiency test.
Answer:  If you’re anywhere near San Marcos you can take it with us.  Email us at roger@southtexaschl.net   or phone 512-749-0490 to get on our list, or you can take it with any Texas DPS certified LTC instructor who offers it.  If you don’t live near us, near San Marcos, you may need to find an instructor near you.  Click here to get a list of Texas Certified DPS LTC Instructors. It may be best to check phone number area codes for one near you.

9. LTC online?  Why take the LTC class online instead of taking the class in person?
The Positives:
1. You can take the LTC online course  at your leisure  and convenience in you own home.  You don’t have to take the class only when LTC training instructors offer it.
2. You can start it then stop it without loosing you place whenever you want.  Then you can re-start it and stop again anytime anyplace.
The Negatives:
1. You need a computer.
2. You don’t have the benefit of asking questions and listening to in-class discussions, however, with us you have the benefit of the best customer service.  You can phone us anytime with any questions about anything.  We are here for you.
3. It’s more difficult to complete all your LTC requirements in one day because you have to schedule your additional 1 hour of at the range training and shooting proficiency test after you complete your online course.

10. How can I be sure your website is legitimate before I input a credit or debit card?
Answer:  We use PayPal with PayPal’s Secure Input System.  Your credit card is processed through the Paypal system.  If desired you can verify our company with PayPal.