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The following is your discount coupon code you’ll need to enter when you get to the actual online class site:      STX687     You will need it to get your discount coupon when you start entering your information for your LTC.  Please phone or text Roger at 512-749-0490 if you have any problems or questions.  Thank you so much for your business!

Please read the following Very Important Information and scroll down or Get Started Here.  If you get started here, when you get to the actual online class site scroll all the way down to the Get Started button after Buy Now!

                            Very Important Information

Your LTC Online instructor will be Chris Reitsma.  We have an agreement with Chris to discount your fee.   At his site the actual Texas Online License To Carry Class page you will be charged an additional $10.00,   Added to our $34.00 fee your total will be  $44.00.  It will say $60 but I promise you will only pay $10.00 by inputting your coupon code of    STX687.      A box will appear in the top left corner that says “Coupon Code” and that is where you input your coupon code.  After you input your coupon code click Apply coupon.  You will still see the $60 fee but with the discount of $50.00 and new total of $10.00.  You then scroll down to input your credit card number and information for your license to carry.  You have already paid us the enrollment fee of $34.00 so the balance due is $10.00.  Your total price will be $44.00.  Please remember to input the coupon code       STX687      when you fill out the form in order to receive your discount price, and if you have any problems please phone us anytime.  We’ll get you going.

When you click here or below on Please click here to start your LTC Online Class you will be re-directed to the actual Online Texas License to Carry Class page.  When you get there scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on:   Get Started  

Please click here to start your LTC Online Class.

If you have any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to phone us at 512-749-0490.  …and if you’re anywhere near enough to San Marcos please email us to be put on the list for our Shooting Proficiency to complete your LTC application requirements.  Our fee for the Shooting Proficiency part is $50.00.  Thank you very much.

Roger Stiefer, South Texas CHL and Handgun Training.