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July 23, 2019

Texas Firearms Possession When Stopped by the Police

As a firearms LTC instructor I’m often asked, “should I tell the cop I have a gun.” I answer that if you have your license to carry and are driving your own vehicle, then they already know you have an LTC, because they ran your plates on the computer before they approached your window. So then they ask “should I show it to them.” No! They don’t want you to touch it. They might ask are you carrying and where it is but that’s all.   Anyway, as you should already know, Texas state law requires that you show them your LTC when you show them your driver license. …And don’t forget that when carrying in your vehicle the gun must be concealed unless it is carried in a shoulder or belt holster. It can be loaded, chambered and charged (cocked) if you desire, but it must be concealed unless carried in a shoulder or belt holster. You can even leave it on the seat beside you if you throw a towel or something over it. Just make sure the police will not see it when they stop you. If you throw a towel over it, make sure you don’t expose it if you’re scurrying around in your vehicle, and don’t do that anyway! Don’t freak them out! Keep your hands on top of your steering wheel where they can clearly see them and be still. So, if you’re not carrying do you have to show them your LTC? No, you don’t have to but, as I stated, they already know you have an LTC so if you don’t show it then they’re ‘gonna suspect something weird is going on and probably be very suspicious of you. They may even want to search your vehicle. Don’t be stupid! Remember Forest Gump, Momma says “stupid is as stupid does!

Now if you don’t have an LTC it’s simple. Just don’t tell them. They won’t know anyway unless they search your vehicle and won’t do that unless they have good reason to do so. Also, even if you don’t have an LTC, in Texas you can carry loaded, chambered and charged. This was clarified in a recent prior legislative session. Remember, it still must be concealed!

…And DO carry! Nowadays, everyone needs to carry with our current state of affairs; illegals coming in, in droves, with terrorist and criminals galore especially if you are in any of the large cities. Anyway, if everyone would carry, the gun-grabbers would quit trying to take away our guns!

Roger Stiefer, Instructor

South Texas CHL and Handgun Training