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The shooting proficiency test

Texas’ low priced ONLINE license to carry class.  Yes cheap  LTC ONLINE.  It’s the Official DPS approved online LTC class.

– Only takes about 4 hours.

– Do it at your leisure, slowly or quickly.  It’s up to you.

– Instructor lecture driven, instead of your need to read everything as you do in most other online classes.

– Take it anywhere you are.

– Complete start/stop capability, you will be in charge of the pace.

– Best customer service in Texas.

– Call us anytime if you need help.

If you’re ready sign up now and pay only $45.00Click here to Get Started Now or continue reading for more important information.  Then just click Get Started on the Menu above or scroll down to Get Started Now below.

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Texas LTC Online Training

It’s the Texas LTC online.  Texas online  handgun license class It’s Texas’ favorite course.  We have the low price, just $45.00!  Yes, cheap Texas license to carry, LTC, online!  The 85th Texas Legislature has officially approved online LTC classes for Texas LTC and CHL.  Sign up now and you can go ONLINE to take the IN CLASS part of your official Texas LTC. When you sign up with us you get the best LTC customer service in Texas.  Phone us and you talk to me, not just some clerk.  If you need help I’ll personally guide you every step of the way.

We have an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer on duty
We have an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer at our range on duty!

How to Get Started

You may want to continue reading for more information but if you’re ready to go you can click here to  get started now.  The class is 4 hours, fun, and meets all requirements of Texas Department of Public Safety for LTC license to carry certification.  The online class gets you the official Texas online training certificate, the LTC-101.  We are associated with the first and best Texas license to carry online training facility, and as we stated above at the lowest price in the State of Texas, just $45.00.  It’s easy.  Just run a debit or credit card to pay our enrollment fee and you’re good to go!   Just click get started here or below and run your card, then you’ll be sent to the registration website to fill out your information.  You enter your registration information, run your debit/credit card to pay the main fee, and you’re good to go.  Phone me, Roger Stiefer if you have any questions, anytime.  That’s what I’m here for.

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Click the Get Started tab on the menu to get started or get started here.  It’s simple, just input your debit/credit card info. 

After taking the online class part of your License To Carry certification you’ll still need to do the shooting proficiency part unless you are active duty military with firearms training or veterans with military firearms training within the last 10 years,.  Please click FAQ above for more information on exceptions to the shooting proficiency test.  Otherwise, that part must be done in person with a DPS qualified license to carry instructor.  

We have temporarily suspended our Range Training/Shooting Proficiency classes due to the Covid-19 but   we recommend Tammy Stein of       www.1840inc.com    she’s still doing it.  If you want to be put on our wait list please email me with you name, phone number and DL number.  We will then notify you when we resume the classes. Texas Dept. of Public Safety has a link you can click to get the list of other certified instructors in your area using telephone area codes. Some of them my still be offering RT/Shooting. Thank you for understanding.

Our parent company is South Texas CHL and Handgun Training of San Marcos, Texas.  We’re an official DPS certified LTC training facility.  Check us out.  Click to go to our website:  www.southtexaschl.net.

NRA Certified Handgun Training Instructor
South Texas CHL and Handgun Training

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ATTENTION! DPS has lowered their fee, it’s now $40.00 instead of $140.00.  Click here to apply with Texas Department of Public Safety Online.

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New laws for Handgun Licensing Program

The last legislature the 85th Regular Legislative Session has passed numerous new license to carry laws some of which also pertain to the Texas license to Carry class.  Please read below if you want to know the latest. Join the Texas State Rifle Association

Summary of new laws passed in the 85th Regular Legislative Session that impact Handgun Licensing.

Change in Fees

Senate Bill 16  Effective: September 1, 2017

Caption: Relating to decreasing the fee for the issuance of an original or renewal license to carry a handgun.

  • This bill reduces the standard original license to carry an application fee from $140 to $40.
  • This bill sets the standard renewal license to carry application fee at $40.
  • This bill sets the Senior Citizen and the Indigent license to carry application fee at $40. In addition, this bill set the Senior Citizen and the Indigent renewal license to carry fee to $35.
  • This bill waives license to carry application fees for an Active Texas Peace Officer and Texas Military Forces. The application and renewal fees are reduced from $25 to $0.

Online Course Provider Certification and Additional Changes

House Bill 3784  Effective: September 1, 2017

Caption: Relating to certain applications to obtain a license to carry a handgun and to the associated handgun proficiency course.

  • This bill allows the department to certify an approved online course provider who has at least three years’ experience in providing online course instruction, experience working with government entities, and has direct knowledge of handgun training. In addition to the qualifications, an approved online course provider must be qualified to instruct persons in 1) Laws that relate to Weapons/Use of Force 2) Safe Storage 3) Non-Violent Dispute Resolution and 4) Handgun Use and Safety (including use of restraint holsters). An approved online course provider can offer classroom instruction portion of the handgun proficiency requirement and administer the written exam to applicants online by utilizing a secured web portal.
  • This bill changes the requirement for active duty, veterans, and Texas Military Forces to provide their military range qualification scores from the preceding 5 years to the preceding 10 years in place of the range instruction part of the handgun proficiency course. These applicants may provide the department with any passing military firearm range scores.
  • This bill creates a license to carry application fee reduction for county jailers as defined by Section 1701.001, Occupations Code. Eligible applicants may apply for an original or renewal Texas license to carry at no cost. An applicant who applies as a County Jailer will need to provide to the department, the name and job title, a current copy of the county jailer license and evidence of employment as a county jailer. In addition, a county jailer must provide evidence of satisfactorily completing the preparatory training program that includes demonstration of weapons proficiency. Eligible applicants will not be required to complete the range instruction part of the handgun proficiency course.
  • This bill reduces the original and renewal application fee for Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Correctional Officers from $25 to $0. Applicants must submit to the department evidence that the applicant has successfully completed the correctional officer training program offered by TDCJ even if the applicant previously received a TDCJ Correctional Officer’s license to carry. Eligible applicants will not be required to complete the range instruction part of the handgun proficiency course.
  • This bill provides that applicants applying as an Active Texas Peace Officer submit to the department: their name and rank; and a current copy of their peace officer license and evidence of employment as a peace officer. Additionally, an Active Texas Peace Officer is not required to complete the handgun proficiency course in order to receive a license to carry.
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